Producent farb proszkowych

baner firmowy



Powder coatings can be use for decoration protection of metal surface in wide range of uses. Very high property of coatings can be obtain by correct choice type coatings with good surface pretreatment, application and curing of powder. Powder coatings can be used e.g.  in domestic appliances, home heaters, tools and equipments, office and garden furniture, automotive parts and many other things where is need good protection and colors.
Powder coatings are ecological and economical alternative for liquid coatings who are used in industry. Because there don’t include solvents, there are no pollutions and emission of chemicals to atmosphere (VOC). They can help safe environment in compare with standard coatings . Finally coatings can be obtain in one process spraying and curing who can improve economic of spraying process.
Spraying powder on grounded elements by spraying guns and then fully curing process can achieve finally coatings. Our powders are suitable for spraying  by electrostatic (corona) and Tribo application. Our products are cured in 180 C degree but we can prepare powder for higher and less process temperature.
 Main type of powder coatings who we produce are:
•    Polyester TGIC free
•    Epoxy-polyester (hybryd)
•    Epoxy
We can offer too:
•    Powder coatings with special effects
•    Powder coatings with special property